Secrets of Building Six Pack Abs

Six Pack AbsSome guys able to build six pack abs in just 6 months while other guys take more than 12 months to build some visible abs. If you want to build strong and sexy abs then take a look at these secrets:

Secret #1 – Increase Carbs:

Carbs are very important in any muscle building diet. Carbs not only increases anabolic hormone Insulin in your body but they also fill your muscles with glycogen (store form of carbs) which is important for two reasons.

Firstly, when muscles are filled with glycogen they look big and sexy. Glycogen improves the appearance of your muscles. Secondly, glycogen when stored in muscles increases fat burning process in the body. Additionally, body can burn glycogen (in form of energy) to fuel different organs of the body and make them working properly.

When your body is high in glycogen (which is easily possible by adding Carbs) then your muscles will look fresh and more importantly glycogen can be burn as energy to fuel other organs of the body. However, low level of glycogen makes it difficult for your muscles to grow.

Secret #2 – Increase Fats:

Fats don’t make you look fat instead good fats is vital for your body especially if you are looking for building six pack abs. Fats is one of the important macronutrients that your body needs on daily basis and when you are building muscles you should include good fats in your diet.

Good fats increase anabolic hormone called testosterone level in your body. Testosterone is very popular manly hormone that is responsible for boosting muscles growth by reducing fat-storing hormones.

Secret #3 – Increase Proteins:

Protein SourcesProtein is the most important macronutrient for bodybuilding. This is because out of all three macronutrients, only protein can build blocks into muscles mass. When you exercise your muscles break down protein into muscles and after the workout muscles are hungry for proteins. Having protein in post-workout meal is very important for muscles growth.

Make sure you get protein from quality sources and focus only on animal proteins. Without adequate amount of protein you will find trouble in building muscles so make sure to get protein in almost in every meal.

Secret #4 – Eat As You Wake Up:

Do you know when you wake up your body is in Catabolic state means your body is burning muscles for fueling other functions of the body. If you want to stop it then only way is to eat.

Make sure to have two vital nutrients that are carbs and proteins. Sending carbs in your bloodstream is as important as protein for stopping this catabolic onslaught when you first wake in the morning. This is the reason eating after waking up is important for building six pack abs.

Secret #5 – Vary Nutrients Sources:

There are many people who fail to build six pack abs because they continue consuming same food again and again. They feel they know everything and most importantly it is easy for them to eat same food again and again. By having same food again and again they are forcing themselves toward some kind of nutrient deficiency.

If you are also making this mistake of eating same source of food again and again then you have to stop it right now. Even tuna and chicken which is considered as excellent sources of proteins lacks in some amino acids. Amino acids are as important as protein for bodybuilding and make sure you keep variety in food to avoid boredom as well. This includes for carbs and fats as well.

Make a list of different foods of protein, carbs and fats and make sure to eat different food to balance amino acids in your body.

Secret #6 – Sleep With Casein Protein:

Do you know when you sleep your body is actually is in fasting state. With no food in your digestive system your body looks for proteins fiber amino acids in your muscles to fuel different organs.

If you don’t want your body to use muscles protein for fueling, you have to take casein protein shake and some healthy fats like walnut and almonds. According to research, casein protein takes up to 7 hours to digest thus providing slow and steady supply of amino acids to your body.

Secret #7 – Pre-Workout Meal:

CarbsPre-workout meal is very important for bodybuilding. This is because complex carbs and proteins in your pre-workout meal provide enough energy for your muscles. Have pre-workout meal an hour before your workout session so that proteins are quickly accessible by your muscles and give them energy to grow.

Even if you workout early in the morning and you think you can’t have pre-workout meal then still I will say ignoring pre-workout meal is the biggest mistake you are making in your bodybuilding journey. If you can’t have pre-workout meal then use protein shake to get calories in.

Secret #8 – Post-Workout Meal:

Post-workout meal is as important as pre-workout meal. Always fill your body with carbs and protein within 30 minutes after completing your workout session.

After workout session your body is broken down and it needs fuels to repair itself and if you don’t provide carbs and protein then your body will look for other sources for fueling such as your muscles.

Secret # 9 – Have a Good Nutrition Plan

Muscles build in kitchen not in gym. There are many guys who think by lifting more and more heavy weights they are able to get big and strong muscles. Unfortunately, this will never happen. Workout and diet plan are two most important pillars of building six packs. If you don’t have right nutrition plan for your body then you will continue to struggle in building muscles.

I would suggest you to invest some time in building your own meal plan before hitting gym and if you want everything ready for you then take some time and read 0-6 Pack Abs review at the homepage of this site.

Secret #10 – Prepare And Eat Healthy Meals:

It is very difficult for your body and muscles to grow without proper nutritious foods. Although we know the importance of healthy cooked food but still we rely on premade foods, takeaway foods and canned foods which is the reason why most people fail in building six pack abs.

I would like you to read 0-6 Pack abs review and avoiding making mistakes that halt the progress of building six pack abs.

Here’s the video to about how to build six pack abs: