Tyler Bramlett’s 0-6 Pack Abs Review – Is It Really a Scam?

You are currently reading this 0-6 Pack Abs review because you are somewhat convince with sale video but you can’t able to decide whether you should purchase it or not. For me it takes more than just a lengthy and full of graphic sale page to convince myself.

As a regular reader of my fitness blog, you already know ‘I hate bulls**t’ especially when it comes to weight loss or muscle building and I always force my reader to stop making this workout mistake again and again.

Undoubtedly there are many useless muscle building programs available over the internet but on other side the fact is there are few effective and powerful plans that deliver what they claim in their sale page.

Recently this Tyler Bramlett’s program grabs my interest, for this reason I went on to purchase it for writing my own 100% honest, truthful and unbiased review. In this review I am going to give you ‘alternate’ introduction of this six pack abs program and tell you how it works.

Let’s start this review…

Introduction of 0-6 Pack Abs:

0-6 pack absBefore reading this review, I am sure you are briefly introduced to 0-6 Pack Abs by different reviews and sales video (if you not, then watch this video) that is the reason my review will be ‘alternate’ introduction of this program.

Created by Tyler Bramlett and Dr. Vegher, 0-6 Pack Abs is essentially a step-by-step training program that claims to offer an easy and effective strategy to get rock-solid six pack abs and perfect body shape. Tyler Bramlett will show you by utilizing “Basic Core Activation Techniques” how you can re-educate your core muscles while Dr. Vegher will provide you list of 54 videos that will take your six packs to the next level and create perfect shape of your body.

Divided into two phrases, the aim of the first phrase is to help you in building proper fitness level while the second phrase that is especially created by Dr. Vegher aims to provide proper training for building six pack abs.

About Tyler Bramlett and Dr. Veger:

Tyler Bramlett and Vegher

Tyler Bramlett (popularly known as Garage Warrior) is the fitness expert who run fitness website at GarageWarrior.com where thousands of people read his tips and techniques about fitness every month. Other than that, Tyler also worked as personal trainer with many celebrities and he created three different fitness plans that are recommended by many celebrities and trainers.

Tyler Bramlett discovered Basic Core Activation Techniques from the series of events happen when his wife gave birth to his daughter. After pregnancy it is Dr. Vegher who helped Tyler’s wife to get back in the perfect shape.

Dr. Vegher is the professional therapist who has more than 22 years of experience, created basic core exercises that boosts up fat burning and development of six pack abs. Tyler and Vegher decided to team up and as a result 0-6 Pack Abs was born.

Here is the video in which Tyler interviewed Dr. Vegher about Core Activation Sequences. (This is must watch video)


2 Phrases:

Muscle building requires higher level of fitness. For this reason, Tyler and Dr. Vegher divided this program into two different phrases.

First Phrase – The aim of this phrase is to help you in increasing your fitness level. This phrase is broken down into 4 levels. This phrase comes with quick startup video that helps you to start working out without any equipment. Further you will get manuals, videos and mp3 in every level that will improve your stamina and fitness level. In this phrase you will get basic activation core techniques that will completely re-train your core muscles and helps in building six pack abs.

Second Phrase – This is more difficult and intense than first phrase. This is because the aim of this phrase is to help you in building solid, hard and powerful six pack abs. This phrase needs your complete focus and efforts. This phrase contains 56 workout videos that use “Micro Progression Technology” and best of all these workouts take only 2-8 minutes.



Tyler and Dr. Vegher divided this muscle building plan in such a way that everyone can get results from it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have good fitness level. Tyler designed first phrase especially for those people that want to increase their stamina and fitness level that is essential for building six pack abs.

For Men and Women:

Some muscle building programs design especially for men but these days even girls are showing interest in building some attractive muscles. For this reason Tyler designed techniques that will work for men and for women as well.

Product from Experts:

Tyler is well-known personality in fitness industry and there are thousands of people who read his advice in his fitness site from all over the world. Dr. Vegher is professional therapist with 22 years of experience. Now we can say that this plan is not only Doctor Approved but also created by doctor.

Can Be Use With Any Other Six Pack Abs Program

Yes!! This is Absolutely Right!! You can include these exercises into any six pack abs workout plan

Tyler has designed these exercises in such a way that you can use them with your existing abs workout plan to accelerate your results. Include them in your plan and within few weeks you will start getting visible abs.

These exercises not only burn fat from your belly region but they will able help in building rock-solid abs. Just give them a try and let us know your results. We are waiting to hear from you.

Great Customer Support:

Most of the time, professional trainers hire assistant to answer questions that they receive from their clients but when you send email to Tyler then your questions will be answered directly by Tyler in shortest time possible. Additionally Tyler will make sure you will succeed in your fitness goals.

Quick and Easy Delivery:

Thankfully all the content of this plan is digital that means you will get instant access into this program. No More Waiting!!

100% Money Back Guarantee:

Tyler wants you to succeed with this program and that is the sole reason he is offering full 60 days money back guarantee to test this program for full 60 days without any risk. If you don’t like your results within 60 days then you will get full refund by just sending one ‘Request Refund’ email.


WARNING… NOT For Everyone:

Muscle BuildingThat’s right!! Although Tyler and Dr. Vegher will provide you exact blueprint for getting sexy six pack abs but still you have to put your efforts. You have to work out at least 3 days in a week.

Additionally, phrase 1 (Basic Core Activation Techniques) will take only 10-15 minutes while phrase 2 (Micro Progression Technology) workouts take not more than 2-8 minutes. This means that you have to arrange only few minutes from your schedule to build those sexy abs that you always dreaming for.

However, if you can’t able to arrange this minimum time from your schedule then sorry this is NOT FOR YOU!!

Final Verdict – Is It A Scam?

To be honest when I first check out 0-6 Pack Abs I feel it is a scam but after I deeply looked into it I can surely say everyone (men or women) can build those sexy six pack abs with steps mentioned in this program.

Tyler created this six pack abs plan in very well format and at the price of $39 it is absolutely no-brainer. However it is important to understand that there is no shortcuts in muscle building. If you want to get results with this program then you have to stick with it till the end.

Join 0-6 Pack Abs and Get Body You Always Wanted To Have!!


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